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5 Tips To Start Your Day Out Better


Hey Friend,


We talked in a previous blog post about an evening/nighttime routine, now it's time to talk about morning routine. Everyone is going to have a different idea about what this means. I believe there are just a few things that will help get you in the right direction for you. These are all just suggestions, do what works best for you!


Prayer, Meditation and Gratitude

This may seem like a loaded one but the key to being successful is to keep it simple. If you can do at least one of these things when you first get up it will make a huge difference. While it is a great thing to write down gratitude, sometimes it just isn't possible. An alternative could be saying in your mind while brushing your teeth what you're grateful for. Or while you're stretching or something like that? There was a quote I heard once that said, "if you don't feel like praying then pray till you feel like praying." I think the same can be true about meditation. I would suggest you do one or the other every day.



This one deserves it's own section because water is so vital to us! Our bodies are going through an elimination faze in the morning and water helps that process. Also starting your day hydrated helps your brain and body function better.


Move Your Body

We all are going to think about this differently. If you have a specific time you work out everyday and it's not the morning that's okay. One thing you can do is stretch your body for just a few minutes. Just a couple of stretches will help increase blood flow and brain functionality.


Visualize Your Success

 Mel Robbins says to visualize your day because, "our brains don't know the difference between something that actually happens to us and something that we imagine happening to us." So imagine having the great day you want to have. Will every good thing come to pass? Well no, but making this a practice daily can help you achieve more of the things you really want to achieve.


Set Your Intentions for the day

I like to plan my day the night before, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. I think it's best to write a list of 3-6 important things you want to get done and then make sure that you prioritize those things. Do the most important thing very first, and then the rest will follow and you will feel amazing because you did what you said you would do and you will begin to trust yourself more and more. If you don't feel up to making a list of 3-6 things then just think of one. What is the one thing you can do today to help propel you in the direction you want to go in life.


NOTE: I need to add a side note with all of this. We all have good times and hard times in life. I have been a new Mom 5 times. I know what it's like to have a baby who is fussy or who is up all night. I know what it's like to be scared to be by yourself because of anxiety and to be anxious about all the things going on in life. If you are in a similar stage right now, take a deep breath and remember you are enough and you are worthy! Take care of yourself. Also if you need help, get it. You're not an unsuccessful person because you aren't doing any of these or don't have a morning routine. Things happen at the exact time they need to. Trust the process and don't forget to make yourself a priority along the journey.


If you are in a season of abundance and joy then please make some of these a habit in your life, so that when life does get hard you will have more tools to be able to deal with all the pain and overwhelm life can bring!


I love this quote from Mother Theresa, "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." We believe family is what matters most in this life.

Take Care,

Christy and the family

P.S. You are exactly what you and others need.