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Our Story


Hi Christy here. My Husband Zach and I are the founders of Jackzeeplace. We have 5 beautiful daughters and we wanted a place where people could come to find products that inspire greatness in themselves and their families. JACKZEE is an acronym for all the people in our family. Jane, Anna, Christy, Kali, Zach, Evelyn, and Elsie.

After each of our children were born, I dealt with depression and anxiety. I felt overwhelmed, scared, and isolated. After my 3rd baby was born, I went to counseling, which helped me feel heard and understood. I knew I still had a long way to go but counseling was a great start to a journey that I’m still on today. After I had my 4th little girl, I hired a life coach and learned about gratitude. Gratitude helped me realize my life was beautiful, I just had a hard time seeing the good. I had to learned to change my perspective. Gratitude also helped me realize I had the power within myself to be the kind of person I wanted my children to be. Now I know some people just have it harder than others and I truly get that, but I believe that gratitude can be found even in the worst of times. One thing I need to point out is that when I was in that deep place of despair, I didn’t want anyone telling me that if I was just grateful everything would get better. I truly just wanted to be heard and listened to. Once I realized that be heard and listened to was just the beginning of healing that is when gratitude made all the difference.

Jackzeeplace was started after our 5th baby was born to help give a little extra income to our family. Zach has since joined me full-time in this endeavor. We are on a journey of helping everyone know the power that gratitude can bring and be inspired to be the best people we can be. A crazy thing happens when we learn to be the best version of ourselves. Other people see our light and our happiness and they want to find that within themselves as well. We inspire others along our journey and the affects can be long lasting.  

I decided that if gratitude helped me this much it most certainly can bless others as well. We created this gratitude journal with prompts to help people get in the habit of gratitude. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to be grateful or what to write down. Having daily prompts help take away the brain power to decide and give you more power to think deeper.

We also decided we wanted to bless families with signs for their homes that inspire them to be the best version of themselves. That teach children what is most important to us and remind us who we want to become along our journey in life. In our store you will also find inspiring products that we feel blesses families and individuals to be better, inspire greatness, and find joy.

We look forward to serving you in any way we can!  Thank you for choosing Jackzeeplace!

At your service,


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  • Hi, Christy,

    Do you birthday boards? The months going across with grandkids bdays hanging under each month?

    Teena Daniels

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