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You finally roll out of bed and then what? What are the first thoughts you tell yourself in the morning? Do you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you like what you see in that mirror? Do you criticize how you look, maybe you wish you had different clothes? Are the thoughts you have when you first wake up helping you become the person you want to be or are they complaintive and negative? 
Have you ever stopped to think about what is it you think about in the morning? If you haven't, maybe give it a try over the next couple of days. Just be an investigator and see what happens. 
One of the reasons I write in a gratitude journal almost every day is because it gives me a place to write daily affirmations and helps me start off my morning by saying something positive about myself such as; I matter, I am enough, and I can do hard things. Writing those kinds of things down every morning has made a difference in my life. We become what we think about most often and so if I start off each morning speaking kindness and encouragement to myself it's worth the effort and time it takes!
I spent many years beating myself up every single day for not being perfect. For not being able to be the person I wanted to be. For knowing that some of the choices I made were destructive but they also seemed to keep me alive. They seemed to be worth it. They seemed to be a lesser of two evils. Most of it was in my head. Satan didn't want me to believe in myself. He didn't want me to feel like I wasn't enough. He has a very deceitful way of tricking us to think that we aren't good enough. 
If you are reading this, you are enough! You have infinite worth and potential. You have something to offer the world that no one else can offer. Someone else needs your light in their lives. You can achieve greatness. You are smart. You are creative. You can do hard things. You are a child of God. You matter to the world. You deserve to take time every day to say at least one of those kind things to yourself. I can tell you that those things, and I truly believe they are true, but when you believe those truths about yourself the true magic happens!
If you can wake up each morning speaking positively to yourself it will change your life. Something as simple as saying one kind thing to yourself in the mirror each morning, or writing one thing down may not seem worth the effort but I can promise you it is. If you choose to take on this challenge I would love to hear your feedback.
Stay tuned! Next week I will be talking about the next section of our journal which is writing down a daily goal. In later weeks I will talk about the other sections of our journals as well so don't forget to keep checking your emails! Each of these pieces of my morning routine has made a big difference in who I'm becoming. I have much I'm working on, I have much I'm doing to help me shift my life, but these small things have helped me in a tremendous way and I know they can help you too.