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Bring The World Together

Hey there Friend,

So, I have this friend on Instagram that I follow who did something that I will never forget. It was unexpected and it was life-changing for pretty much anyone involved. One day out of the blue in her stories she put a question box up that said. "Do you have a bible in your home?" She had a lot more people say no than she thought she would. So she then asked "If you don't have a bible in your home would you like one?" The response was overwhelming with about 1000 people saying they didn't have a bible but would like one. She felt inspired to give them all a bible for free. She and her husband had decided somehow, they weren't sure how, but somehow they were going to give away those bibles. She had many people reach out and ask how they could help. She decided to open up her venmo to let people send her money to help cover the cost of these bibles. I still remember seeing her stories where she cried tears of joy in so much gratitude that others would feel inspired to give money so that these 1000+ people could have a bible in their homes. She got enough money to cover the cost of the bibles and to help pay to ship them to these people's homes. She got in contact with the company from who she wanted to get the Bibles from and together they found a way to get all of them shipped and into the homes of all those people.

I don't know about you but this story was very touching to me. Not only did people help pay for the bibles but they helped bring Christ into those homes! I believe the outreach of this experience will be felt for many years to come. The unity in coming together for one goal and one purpose was truly tremendous.

Now we may not have a big Instagram following to be able to accomplish something of this magnitude, but maybe there are other ways we can be united as families, communities, and the list goes on. Maybe there is a neighbor we can get to know and help in times of need? Maybe there is a way you can help in your local school, or maybe there is a way you can become more unified in your own home. We have a family motto in our family that we started saying every morning and it's been fun to see the kids get excited about it.

In our mortal journey, we never know the lifelong effects of our choices, but I guarantee others will notice. Your actions may be subtle but they can be powerful. I love what Theodore Roosevelet said, "Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care." I believe people will remember the kind things we do. They do make a difference and they do help bring unity and love to our communities.

Take Care,
Christy and the family

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