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Family Service Made Easy At Christmas

Hey there Friend!

Have you heard about our Nativity in 12 Days kits?

Today I want to dig a little deeper into why we make them, how we came up with the idea, and why we feel everyone should have one in their homes.
Every year for Christmas our family tries to do service for another family or two in need. My Husband grew up doing the 12 Days of Christmas for another family which basically means every day for the 12 Days leading up to Christmas they would drop something off on a doorstep and then knock and run trying to not get caught. I remember our family doing this a couple times as well but often finding something to give for 12 days seemed too much.

One year we went to the store to find something to give to another family and I felt that giving them a nativity set over 12 Days would be really fun. We searched different stores and found a set that had 12 pieces and then took one piece to them each night, usually with an extra goodie of some sort.

The following year I created Jackzeeplace and while trying to decide what to put in my shop I decided to create my own nativity set. One that had 12 pieces where the giver could give 1 piece every day to the recipient, already prepackaged and ready to go saving a ton of time. (Or give the set all together and the family could use it however they wanted.)

We also wanted to add the opportunity for valuable discussion as a family for each piece so we created a booklet with a scripture and discussion questions/topics. On top of that, the QR code on the back links to music/songs that add to each day. These moments may not go picture perfect but they are invaluable to teaching about the Savior and his birth and you never know what will stick with your kids.

No nativity set is complete without some animals or a stable. These pieces were difficult to find to match the rest of the nativity so we asked my cousin to help us custom design the lamb, ox and engrave a custom stable with her laser machine. They really bring an elegant beauty to the set but are robust enough to withstand kids playing with them.

Our main motivation in creating this product was so that we could help people feel the light of Christ in their lives. Christ's life and mission changed the course of history. Because of Him we get the opportunity to return to live with our Heavenly Father. Because of Him peace and comfort are available any time we ask. Because of Him we get to repent and start over as many times as it takes. So many people are looking for that peace and hope. The last few years have been hard for all of us. Giving people a gift that could help them draw closer to their Savior through a kids friendly nativity set could be life changing. We never know the good that can come through our efforts.


Christy and the family

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