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Forgive, Because You Deserve Peace

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Imagine if every unkind thing someone said to us, or every negative thought we thought about ourselves, or every wrong thing someone did to us was something we had to carry around. What if we had to write each of those on sticky notes and put them all over our bodies? What if we had to walk around with all those labels on? Would you be miserable? Would you want to hide and not let anyone see them? I would be paralyzed with shame, guilt, and a bunch of other emotions I don't particularly love feeling.
Yet, when we choose to not forgive others or ourselves, we are in a sense carrying around an emotional burden and stress that is not necessary. This realization was powerful for me. I had to take a second and think about what extra burdens and stress I'm carrying around that aren't serving me or those I love.
A great quote I read about forgiveness this week was, "Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace." Mel Robbins
Now let me be clear, just because we forgive someone doesn't mean we let them hurt us again. What it does mean is that you don't have to feel resentment and anger towards that person.
One of the hardest people we have to forgive is ourselves. I have always been hard on myself. I am my own worst critic and I have to work on my thoughts constantly. Yet, the more I let go and let God take more and more control of my life, the more I see that he has had my back all along. He cares deeply about me, he wants me to let go and let him lead. Not because I'm helpless or incapable of doing it on my own, but because he has a greater perspective and view.
Christ already paid that price and so if we can let those things go and give them to the Savior we free ourselves of so much pain and resentment. If you don't believe in God then give it to the Universe or whatever it is you believe in. Peace is worth the effort and work it takes to forgive. You, my friend, are worth it! You, my friend, have a beautiful soul and a beautiful heart!
Take Care,
Christy and the family