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I See You, Mom

Hey there friend,

This past week I was able to attend an Alex Boye concert. I know, like in real life! It was so much fun, and to be honest I look up to him so much. As I'm sitting there listening I'm thinking about his wife at home with their 8 children. I'm thinking about how Alex is changing lives and making a huge impact in the world and yet no one really knows who his wife is. I mean some might because of her instagram page but overall many don't. 

Then I thought about my high school choir teacher who's wife played for our concerts often and the year we gave her a gift thanking her for all she had done she broke down in tears. She said, "I've never had anyone thank me individually for what I have done, thank you." You see her husband had been given gifts and thanked many times, but his wife never got the recognition she deserved. To be honest, she was probably a better pianist than her husband. 

Why did my brain go there? I think overall for me it went there because I've been the one stuck at home with kids while my Husband serves at our church, or hikes with the youth in our church, or while he works long hours away from home. First and foremost I am extremely grateful my husband loves and is able to serve. I'm grateful I'm married to a man that works hard for his family. Yet I also have had lots of lonely moments of feeling overwhelmed, tired and frustrated with all the things I'm dealing with at home by myself. 

I'm writing this today to say that I see you. I see you Moms and who are tired, overwhelmed and feeling very burnt out from doing all the things you feel you need to do to meet the expectations that you have for yourself and your family. I see you women who rarely get recognized. I see the long hours you spend taking care of children, driving people everywhere, waking up multiple times a night, and making sure all the needs of your children are taken care of. I see you working long hours with little recognition or appreciation. You are amazing! I appreciate the work you are doing at home. I appreciate your strength and your courage to keep teaching your children and those around you.

You've got this!

You have infinite worth and potential!

You are enough! 

Take Care,

Christy and the family

P.S. You have been given specific talents and abilities to care for the people around you. They need you, your thoughts, and your love.