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Joyful Moments

Happy New Year Friend!

"This is so delicious, Mom, tank yoo so muc for buying this yogurt, it's delicious!" said my two year old as she is jumping up and down in the middle of my kitchen. Her precious little reaction melted my Mom heart and I was incredibly grateful we bought them for her. I was so grateful that my daughter was eating. You see, it's been 1 solid week since she hasn't been sick with a terrible stomach bug. She would seem to get better and then, bam! it would hit again. After 1 week she's still not back to normal, but at least she's feeling better. Seeing her eat and enjoy what she was eating was an amazing sight.

I picked up a tube of sausage off the shelf in the store and pretended to throw it at my husband. I knew he wasn't paying attention, so I didn't actually throw it, but I sure made him flinch. Then once I got his attention I actually threw it to him. As I was walking to get something else a lady I passed chuckled and we both had a good laugh about how I made my husband flinch.

Weee, my daughter says as she's flying through the air on a zipline at the park. Her face was the face of pure joy. She was happy and nothing in the world mattered in that moment than what she was doing. She wasn't thinking about the clothes she didn't put away that I had asked her to. She wasn't thinking about how just a few minutes earlier she was fighting with her sisters. She was just entranced in the moment and life was joyous.

I believe these are the moments that make life joyful. These are the moments that make practicing gratitude so beautiful. These are the moments that help us remember the beautiful moments that make life worth living. The thing about these moments is that you can either take in those moments and really soak up all the goodness of those moments or you can brush them off and those moments will mean little to nothing to you. They will come and go so fast that you will miss the beauty that is all around you. Taking time to actually see those beautiful moments for what they are will change your perspective on life. They will slowly train your brain to see more and more good. To see what matters most.

What moments have you had today, or over the past few days, that brought a smile to your face? Take a second to think back. Did you miss anything? Maybe take some time to record them in a journal. They may be small and seem insignificant, but if you practice paying attention to those moment and soak them it will slowly make a difference on how you see life and those around you.

I like to use my journal to think about these experiences because when I pay attention they are always there. Focusing on the good will bring more goodness into your life. I hope that over the next few days you will catch those moments and really soak up all the goodness that is available in those moments.

Christy and the family
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