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Let God Prevail

Hello again Friend!

Our family has moved several times as some of you may already know. At times moving can feel heavy and burdensome, yet in many ways it has also been so great to learn different things from every person that I meet.

Through some of these exchanges, I witnessed many many people who question their faith and choose to not follow the path they grew up with or thought they wanted to take in life. I've been asked by them about my beliefs and about how I can believe in a God that can let bad things happen to good people.

I have come to the conclusion in my own life that God has been so good to me in my life that I would be quite unwise not to trust him and not to listen to what he wants for my life. One of the phrases that I've heard recently that I love is "Let God Prevail." When we choose to let God prevail in our lives we will see miracles. President Russel M. Nelson said, "My dear brothers and sisters, as you choose to let God prevail in your lives, you will experience for yourselves that our God is “a God of miracles." The miracles I've seen in my life have been mind-blowing. I feel humbled that God trusts me enough to give me the blessings he has. Some of those miracles have happened through moving to so many different places, others have come through my children, and others have come in the simple everyday life.

I will share a quick story in each of my examples. When our family moved to Seattle from AZ 10 years ago, we had 2 children. We took 12 bags on an airplane and that was it until our stuff came about 4 weeks later. When we got on the plane we happened to have a friend on the plane who helped us get our luggage to our hotel, because it wouldn't fit in the rental car. When we went to look for housing, we had someone drive us around to try and find a place to live and my husband happened to find something online that wasn't an apartment and it was perfect. It was just what we needed at the time, and the people we lived around and went to church were truly angels in my life! I truly believe God guided us to be near people that would lift us and help us in our moment of need.

The second example was my children. One of my children has dealt with something that can be really humiliating in public situations and she got made fun of a lot! It was hard for her to go to social things and it also affected everyone else in our family. At the beginning of the year she decided to try going to public school again and she has worked through this situation with so much grace and so much faith. I am very proud of her and I've seen miracles that have helped her work through all she deals with. Her "issue" comes up every now and again but for the most part, she is almost completely healed and I know and feel it is an absolute miracle.

The third thing is through everyday events. Gratitude is one of those things that has helped me see some of these miracles in my life. One of the miracles I've seen recently has been seeing and feeling that God cares about the details of my life like I do. Even if things don't happen the way that I want them to, his plan is better. His ways are sure and he knows what's best for all of us! Our family will once again be moving and seeing how God has already blessed us with so many tender mercies and miracles has brought me to my knees in complete humility and gratitude for all that I've been given.

I truly believe when we choose to "Let God Prevail" in our lives we will see miracles. We will see that God loves us and he wants what's best for us. He wants us to be happy but he cannot and will not stop us from going through pain, sorrow, or fear. Instead, he will be there to help guide us through it and to give us the strength to keep moving forward when we aren't sure we can. It is not always easy, but I know it is worth it!


Christy and the family

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