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So What?

Hey there Friend,

Have you ever been really worried or scared about something, but once it actually happens it's not as bad as you thought it would be? I've been there. I may have mentioned this trick before, but with school starting and a lot of changes happening in this world I thought that you might want to review this concept. It is one simple word that can really make a difference and can shift your perspective.

The story I will share to illustrate this concept is my worries about going into labor and having to have another C-section. I had a C-section with my 1st baby. With each of the other 4 girls I had deep concern going into labor that I would have to have another C-section. It would keep me up at night and it would lead to thoughts that were not welcomed or wanted.
Finally when pregnant with my 5th baby I learned about using the word SO to calm my fears and to help me think about things in a different perspective. Instead of asking myself what if I had a c-section, I would add so to the front and ask the question again but just a little bit different. So, what if I had a c-section? What would happen? Would I still have a healthy baby in the end? It would take longer to recover, but I would eventually. It would probably be harder to care for my other children, but I could get the help I needed somehow. Yes there we still concerns, but when I put "so" in front, it really did shift my perspective enough that it didn't seem quite as big nor quite as scary.
Here are some different ways I've used this concept in the past. Maybe seeing these could help you realize some areas where this could be used in your own life. So, what if my daughter gets bullied? So, what if we have to move? So, what if we have to change jobs? So, what if we get the dreaded pandemic sickness? So, what if my kids hate school? So, what if my kids love school? So, what if others will judge me for making this decision?
I know there are so many others. I don't use these examples to make light of any of them. They are all serious concerns that I myself have had. My hope is that this reminder can help you remember to not blow things way out of proportion. You can make things seem so much harder than they really end up being once they actually come to pass. You can scare yourself before there really is even anything to be worried about. I've lived long enough and in enough places to know that everyone is struggling with something, or will be struggling with something. Having a few ways to lighten the burden just a little bit can be life changing!
Take Care,
Christy and the family
P.S. Please let us know what you think about using the word so. Do you think this is helpful? In what ways could you use this in your own life? We'd love to hear your thoughts
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