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Wellness Is More Than Physical, It's Also Spiritual

Hello again friend, 

You’ve had a fun day in the sun, yet when you are done you realize you didn’t add enough sunscreen and you have a sunburn. That was the case in our family this last weekend. Being married to a redhead, our kids get sunburned so much easier than I was used to growing up. We go through so much sunscreen.

When we get sunburned, the skin eventually starts to peel off, which is our body's way of getting rid of damaged skin. I thought it was really interesting that, per google, “all damaged cells are instructed to sacrifice themselves by repair mechanisms within these cells.” 

Our bodies are very intricate and complex organisms that heal and replenish themselves very well. There are limits but overall our bodies are truly amazing! God created our bodies and all the tiny intricate details that come with having a body. 

Just like our bodies need nourishment and the ability to heal so does our spirit. Our spirits are housed by our bodies and when our spirit is not well, oftentimes that leads to something in our bodies not being well. That is why at Jackzeeplace we tend to focus more on our spirit. We know that writing gratitude daily and seeing the hand of God in your life lifts your spirit. It helps you feel whole and at peace. When we are drowned in depression and/or anxiety, like I have experienced, it is really hard on our spirit.

For healing to occur sometimes it takes medication, sometimes it takes changing our thoughts, sometimes it takes being able to recognize the good that is already in front of us, sometimes exercise helps, and sometimes changing our diet helps as well. I could mention many other things that help people heal spiritually, but whatever it takes for you, I encourage you to think about how your spirit affects your body. I believe it is worth the effort it takes to let go of the things that aren’t serving your spirit and then let your spirit become whole again. Nothing, in my opinion, feels more glorious than having my soul feel whole.

Take Care,
Christy and the family
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