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The Power of the word so

Hello friends!
It finally feels a little like spring around here and this time of year reminds me of new beginnings and change. In the movie, "Frozen 2" Olaf says, "change mocks us with her beauty". I find that very true. Change can be beautiful, exciting, and adventurous. Yet, it can also be vulnerable, hard, and scary.
So today in light of the topic of change I thought this would be a great time to talk about the power of the word SO. Some of you may be thinking how in the world is the word so so important?
Well, let me first explain by telling you a quick little story. When I was pregnant with my 5th little girl I was terrified. I had my 1st baby c-section (cesarean birth) and the rest vaginally (naturally) so this would be my 4th VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or attempt at a VBAC. I was terrified that having 4 others kids and then a c-section would make it really hard to do all the Motherly things I needed to do to care for everyone. My husband worked long hours at the time so I knew much of the things I needed to do would be a lot easier without a c-section. I was talking to my coach about it all and she told me that instead of just saying, what if I had a c-section. Instead, I could say, SO, what if I had a c-section.
That SO in front of my sentence was a big shift in how I thought about the outcome. So, what if I had a c-section? If it happened life would still go on. I would still be able to heal and get the most important things done. Yes, I would have to let a lot more things go, like housework, but I was capable of doing all the hard things that would be necessary. 
So the next time you have something in your life where you think what if ________ happens. Or what if _________(insert a  person's name) get mads, or doesn't like me or says something mean?  Add the SO in front of your sentence and see if it makes a difference in your life!
Oh, and I guess you may want to know the outcome of my story. I did end up having her vaginally and it was a beautiful experience.