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Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a merry Christmas! What a beautiful time of year full of laughter and cheer. Yet I also know for many there was very little laughter and very little cheer. Some are suffering with doubts, worries, fears, uncertainty and so much more. Many have lost loved ones, many worry about health problems, financial struggles and so much more.

One of the greatest gifts in my life to help me through my challenges is journaling. Being able to write and say the things on my heart, whether good or bad has been one of the biggest gifts for myself. One of the ways I receive personal revelation is through writing. One of the ways I heal through pain and uncertainty is writing. If you've been around a while you know I'm a huge proponent to feeling all the feels. All feelings, good or bad, happy or sad, jealousy or humility all have a place. They have a purpose and they all teach us lessons if we let them.
Have you ever seen a kid light up with pure joy opening a gift? The wonder in their eyes is just magical! While at other times you may see children who feel disappointment with the gifts they received. I would assume all of us would hope that our children and those we love would be happy about the gifts that they receive from us, but that doesn't always happen.
I believe that one of the greatest gifts we have all been given has come because of our Savior. His gifts of love, of sacrifice and of pain were felt for us. He atoned for our sins and he died for us so that we can receive that gift someday as well. Yet many many people reject those gifts. Many people don't see the joy that can come because of the gift that we've been given. Our mortal brains have a hard time comprehending his goodness and his light and therefore we often don't use the gifts he's given us. Are we the ungrateful child who is never satisfied or are we the grateful child who strives to use the atonement daily and who recognizes that we have a purpose on this earth?
As we go into the new year I hope that each of you can take time for your Savior. That you can choose to do something each day that will help you draw closer to Him. To help you understand who he means to you and the joy that can be felt because of Him. We want to offer something that we feel could help you on your journey. There are many ways, and we don't think the way we offer is the only way, heaven knows it's not, but if you choose to use it I believe it could make a huge difference in your life.
Starting January 3rd we will be starting a Christ-centered gratitude challenge and we would love it if you would join us in participating. You can join now by clicking this link. This is 100% free!
We will be going over 5 days of our January edition of our Christ-centered gratitude journal and if you would like to join us with journals in hand to go along with, we would love to send you one for just $10 shipping included. That way you can write in a book along with us while we do this challenge. You don't not have to purchase a book to participate but it could be a huge benefit to you if you do. Here is the link to purchase. The discount will be taken off at checkout, so don't be alarmed if you don't see it on the product itself. Only a few more hours to purchase, so don't delay! Deal ends at midnight tonight.
Each journal has beautiful pictures of Christ with different topics for each month. Once you purchase one of our journals next month we will send you another journal with a new beautiful picture and a new topic. Each month you will get a special gift in your mailbox that you can look forward to and enjoy! This is a gift to you so that that can enjoy the benefits of journaling without the headache of trying to remember to get a new journal every month.
If you decided you want to stop receiving these journals no prob, just cancel it anytime.




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