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5 Unique Easter Basket Gifts That Are Parent Approved

Easter is in full swing and there are so many things to do and so little time. Do you guys ever feel like this? Some times I am on top of things and some times it sneaks up on me and I end up doing a lot last minute. This year I am kind of in between both those scenarios. I have thought about it but haven't been able to get things done as early as I want and I feel like I'm doing things last minute. Haha

We are big fans of not getting just anything for our kids for Easter, too. Getting things that will bring us together as a family or will help them to grow and develop are very important to us as parents. Here some simple but thoughtful gifts you can add to your kids' baskets that maybe you haven't thought about:


#1-Paint Pens - There are so many good ideas to use paint pens with. For instance, if you plan on going camping or to the beach this summer you can take paint pens and have your kids go on an adventure to find their favorite rock to decorate. Or use them to make gifts for others on mugs, plates, vases, etc. Check them out in our shop here.


Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

#2- A game your family has never played before. We love playing games in our home and here are some of our favorite. (All links are to Board Game Geek. Board Game Geek is not an affiliate and did not sponsor this. We find they provide honest not biased reviews of lots of different games) Most games can be found at your favorite game retailer.

  • Ticket to Ride (there is a kid version and adult version). If your kids are older than say 8 or 9 I would go with the adult version. The kid version takes much less time than the adult version too.
  • Wizard Always Wins - A strategy game that even your 1st grader can get the hang of. This game can go quick and gets more suspenseful as you go. Who dares be the wizard first?
  • That's Pretty Clever! - A fun dice game that has some strategy to it. Takes about 30 minutes most games.
  • Qwixx - This is a simple dice game that you can complete within 30 minutes. Easy set up, easy clean up. If you already have colored dice, you may be able to find the rules online and use what you have.


Photo by Spikeball on Unsplash

#3-Outdoor Activities/Games  The weather is finally getting warmer and it will probably be nice enough outside play together. Here are some of our favorite outside activities:

  • Bocce ball - we haven't had this game long, but my kids love it so when the weather warms up we will be getting this one out
  • Kan Jam - this is a fun frisbee game that we love to play as a family every time we go camping or go to the beach. If you have a big enough back yard, this would make a great activity to do at home as well.
  • Corn Hole - This is a classic but a good one!
  • Pickle ball - More and more of these courts are popping up all over so you may have one in your area. If not you can always use a tennis court. The  area is just a little smaller so you may want to tape off the lines 
  • Wham-O - this was a really fun game to play on the beach. 
  • Badminton - there are lots of variations of these games all over, but my in-laws bought my kids one that was super fun for kids and they played it quite a bit. 
  • A Homemade Swing - Our swing used a wooden skate board deck and my kids asked ALL THE TIME to swing on it. If you have a big tree or somewhere you could hang a swing this might be something you could be interested in. We miss that swing, and our old house.

#4 Easter Matching Game Set - Your little ones will love this set. And they can use it all year long, especially for church on Sundays. Check the out in our shop here.

 #5 Yo-Yo - This may seem like a younger kid gift but it is actually a hit with the 9-13 year olds. We recently gave a wood yo-yo from our shop to our nephew for his 13th birthday and he loved it so much he got himself one with a metal shaft that he can do more tricks with. The one in our shop is a great introductory gift to the world of Yo-Yo's. And kids can decorate it however they want. Having someone show them how to use it will get them excited to try and learn it on their own. If you don't have someone skilled enough then pull up a few Youtube videos. They will be hooked!

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