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7 Hands On Easter Activities To Connect With Your Kids

If you have kids who love to get messy and make things with their hands then these activities are perfect to do with them this Easter. And the best part is you get to connect with them on their level. So without further a do, here's our list of favorite activities:

#1 Baking - This Empty Tomb Roll recipe is the perfect way to teach about the Resurrection and make a yummy treat. Use your favorite roll recipe or make things even simpler, use premade dough from the store. Coat a large marshmallow in butter and then mixture of cinnamon and sugar and roll it up in your dough. Then cover the dough with butter and cinnamon and sugar. Place them on a cookie sheet or I've seen some stick them in a muffin tin which seems to hold them together better? Cook as recommended on the package and you're done! So simple! (Make sure to close them up tight so marshmallow doesn't go all over our pan)

#2 Spring Wreath - This wreath was simple to make. Just attach your favorite artificial flower arrangements to an empty grapevine wreath with some thin wire. That's it! And you're a pro at decorating for spring. Did you know the dollar store has some pretty cute arrangements? We hang ours on our front door with an over the door hook.

#3 Spring Flower Arrangement - This easy craft can be done by your kids. In fact we let our kids make this on their own. They found a vase and flowers at the dollar store, but you could also use a mason jar or vase you already have. Fill it with colored chocolate candy eggs. Top it with some flowers and your good to go. A beautiful, semi-edible flower arrangement.

#4 Shaving Cream Eggs - I haven't personally done this craft before. It looks like a ton of fun but I found this idea on Pinterest. If this is something you are interested in Pinterest may be a great place to start. 

#5 Modge Podge Eggs - I have tried this craft a couple different times and both times I haven't been crazy thrilled with the results. Some people must have better luck than me though because there are all kinds of pictures about this craft on Pinterest. 

#6 Paint Pen Crafts - We have two different crafts that use our paint pens. This first one is a wooden Easter egg I bought at the dollar store near my house. The possibilities are endless with this. I probably would have done this a little different if I was to do it again, but overall I think it's cute. (You may also spot our double-sided clover/bunny signs as well.)  If I would have found smaller eggs I would have made a banner with small wooden eggs, so that could be something you could try if you find smaller eggs.  

#7 Popsicle Stick Paint Pen Craft - Last but not least if you have a kiddo who is learning their name you may want to make them a popsicle stick puzzle with their name. I used our paint pens on this activity as well and it took me about 5 minutes. I could have cut out a cute stencil with vinyl but since I was short on time I just free handed it. I think my almost 4 year old will love it. Anyways get creative and have some fun making puzzles with popsicle sticks!


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